Romantic and funny date stories

27 March 2018

Romantic and funny date stories that will give you a good giggle!

As some of you may already know, we recently ran a competition on our Facebook page to gather real-life romantic and funny date stories from our followers! We have loved reading some these entries and teared up in both laughter and joy at the comments.

Rather than keep them to ourselves we thought we should share some of our favourites with you all!


Our 1st place story

Well as my husband already posted the most beautiful thing was our son being born, but the most romantic was instead of red Rose's my fabulous husband with whom I've spent 35 wonderful years with gave me paper Rose's made of sheet music from Strangers in the night which was our wedding song. It also came with Art sound waves.

– Susan Greer

A lucky escape

I went on a date with a guy from a dating site who I’d never met before on Valentine’s Day a few years back. He looked very tall and dashing in his photos as he said he was 6’2” and seemed extremely genuine so I was rather excited.

The day came and I went to meet him for dinner in his chosen restaurant which if I’m honest, was just a party pub full of drunk people! As he got up to greet me, I noticed he’d lied about his height as he only just came up to my boobs! (I’m 5’9!) Anyway, I sat down to give him a chance and get to know him but he kept winking and rubbing his feet up against my legs which was so cringey. I had to make an excuse to go to the loo just to make him stop.

Safe to say, I didn’t get to the loo, I darted out of the pub and straight into the car park and drove away like the wind!

I had a text 5 minutes later saying... have you gone?

– Marie James

Red roses

I saw a florist van pull up outside, the driver had the biggest bunch of red roses I have ever seen. After a few minutes, the doorbell went my heart was pounding I was so excited to open the door.

Then the driver said: "Hi, your neighbours are not in at the moment would you take these flowers in for them."

– Helen Crag

Dog's dinner

After one Valentines night out, my partner and I came back and were just about to do what couples do on Valentines night. We were in the hallway heading upstairs when my foot got stuck in the banister we both fell over, my partner falling into the dog food bowl and me banging my head on the wall and twisting my ankle. We were in a heap on the floor, dog food absolutely everywhere and then the dog came up and started licking the dog food off my partners face!

We spent the next half hour laughing and ended up just watching a film and chilling out for the night.

– Charlotte Connor 

Thank you, for reading our post, we hope you have enjoyed reading these stories as much as we did! Keep up to date with our latest news, competitions and more on our Facebook page! 

Romantic and funny date stories