Top tips for sending Christmas flowers this Christmas! 

06 November 2017

The idea of sending flowers at Christmas can be crazy scary! Especially if you are sending flowers as a gift to your partner's Mum or as a 'Thinking of You' message to friends or family. How much is too much? What flowers should you avoid? Scared of giving the wrong message? 

In the flower world, we have something that we call 'Flower Etiquette'! We are going to go over flower etiquette in this blog post to give you a helping hand this festive season.


Christmas Flowers for a date: 

Want to send flowers to your new partner this Christmas? To avoid an awkward and embarrassing situation, keep things simple and go for a small, pretty bunch, with neutral colours. Check out our other blog post for more tips on this.



Christmas Flowers for meeting the in-laws: 

Meeting the in-laws this Christmas and want to set a good impression? Alcohol is a traditional gift but can give off the impression that you think they are drinkers, or if they have a drinking problem it could cause an embarrassing ruckus. "What about chocolate?", a surprisingly high number of people in the UK are also allergic to chocolate so a delicious tray of chocolates can be a risky bet also. Flowers make the perfect gift, especially when it comes to meeting people for the first time!

What type of flowers should you buy? A beautiful, seasonal bunch would make the perfect Christmas gift. Avoid romantic flowers or hot colours to make sure you don’t give the wrong message.



Christmas flowers for someone who is in hospital: 

Buying flowers for a friend or acquaintance who is in hospital this Christmas? Stunning, scented, brightly coloured flowers are the perfect choice to lift their mood and let them know that you are thinking of them. One thing to watch out for here is that some hospitals have certain rules on what kind of flowers you can bring in and some won’t let you bring in flowers at all, so make sure that you call ahead beforehand to double-check! 


Christmas flowers for a lover: 

This is one you can have some fun and get creative with! If you’re buying for your other half who you have known for a long time then there’s a good chance you already know what they like. But If you get stuck for ideas then a good florist will be able to put something amazing together for you on just colour alone. 


Christmas flowers for a friend: 

Not sure what to buy your friend this year? Do you have a limited budget? You guessed it, flowers are the perfect gift! Just sending a card can look a little stingy, especially when they end up sending you a gorgeous gift in return. Sending flowers with your card is a great way to show you care and have put some thought into making them feel special. If you are still worried that flowers aren’t quite enough but you don’t have the budget for anything more, why not make them something cute and handmade? Handmade gifts and cards always go down well and show that you care. 



Need some help? 

Struggling to find something that sends all the right messages? Give us a call and we can help you find the perfect flowers this Christmas! -  01424 773493



Top tips for sending Christmas flowers this Christmas!