Signature Bouquets

We have some stunning bouquets of flowers that we have created at our flower shop in Battle. We love putting together new combinations of flowers and have had some wonderful feedback from our customers. We have called these our Signature Range

You may want subtle combinations of flowers or perhaps loud, bold and bright. Whatever the style of bouquet you would like, then we can create it. If it is something different then we will perhaps photograph it and put it here as one of our amazing Signature Range. We give it a name and then offer it to other customers the option to buy - sharing the love!

Our Signature Bouquet Range can also be chosen to be sent nation wide. We have set up the unique service, to promote this beautiful range of flowers. If you order one of these boquets, then we can deliver them by courier for next day delivery, wherever you want them to go. We don't contact another florist to arrange the bouquet - what you actually request is created by our florists and is what will actually be sent! You can either call us on 01424 773493 to place your order, or just click on one of the links below and order directly through our website.